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Clothing with the Dominican Habit and Simple Professions in Asia

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On Sunday, July 1, 2018, at the Chapel of Rosaryhill, ten Dominican Brothers made first profession fr. John Bosco Park Pyong Dae, OP; fr. Luke Jeon Seok Hoon, OP; fr. Reynaldo Chang Casanova, OP; fr. Basi, OP; fr. Mark Noh Seung Joo, OP; fr. Bonaventure, OP; Cesar Lino de Sousa Ximenes, OP; fr. Louis, OP; fr. Agostinho Mendoca, OP; and fr. Andre Pereira, OP, and 16 novices Fr. Martin, OP; fr. Nicholas Kim Jinjeong, OP; fr. Justin Shein-Yar-Zar, OP; fr. Felix Bang Moonsung, OP; fr. João Baptista Pereira, OP; fr. Jose Maria Do Rosario Tilma, OP; fr. Evaristo Baptista Magno, OP; fr. Inacio De Jesus Dos Santos, OP; fr. Gregory Kyaw-kyaw-Oo, OP; fr. Aloysius Thurein-Htun; fr. Alexander Maly, OP; fr. Meikel Ampuea, OP; fr. Jesús Moreno, OP; fr. Inocent han Zaw Htun, OP,  were clothed with the habit of the Dominican Order. These groups will be followed by a second batch of six novices who will make their first profession on August 8. The rite of profession and clothing took place within a solemn con-celebrated mass presided by the Prior Provincial and in the presence of the Dominican Brothers residing in Hong Kong and Macau. 

The newly professed brothers and the novices come from different nationalities and cultures and will remain here during the years of formation.  As Dominicans, we thank God for the call he has extended to these young Brothers and we want to prepare and accompany them in the process of discernment and formation. 

To have 52 professed brothers and 18 novices is God’s blessing. While these numbers are too low for the needs in the Province, nevertheless, it is an encouragement and a ray of hope for the future mission of the Church and of the Order in Asia and across the vast extension of the Province of Our Lady of the Rosary. 

As the Prior Provincial said: “By profession, we express trust and faith in God’s plan and we undertake a serious commitment to discover and understand his plan for us and how best we can place our talents to the service of preaching through a commitment of never-ending service and dedication”. It is not easy to undertake this commitment when we do not see the face of the one calling us to follow in his footsteps. Let the echo of today’s Gospel “Do not fear but have faith” accompany you in discerning and serving God’s kingdom”. 

Profession is not the end of a journey, but the beginning, somehow, of a never-ending process of seeking Him and his will. On this, we should seek the assistance of the community, grace from above and our radical determination to be faithful to the call anticipating tensions, doubts, failures, and success.   

On behalf of all the Brothers in the Province, I welcome and congratulate you for your personal commitment and vocation. We also thank your parents, brothers, and sisters for allowing you to join the Dominican Order in the Province of Our Lady of the Rosary. May God who cannot be equated in generosity reward them with his abundant blessing.  

I avail of this public gathering to thank Fr. Ben and Fr. Raymond and those responsible for the formation of these novices and postulants for their generous and total dedication.