Prol was a faithful example of commitment and testimony

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Fr. Jesús Prol OP

Dear Fr. Matthew S, OP., and Community,

On behalf of all the members of the Province, I would like to extend to you and to all the members of the community our condolence and the assurance of our prayers, for the late Fr. Jesús Prol, a man of strong faith and a herald and witness of Christ’s Gospel. 

Were the walls of our Church be able to talk, the tabernacle and the cross of the chapel whisper, they would be confirming and stating what they have seen and witnessed through the years of his daily ministry, countless Eucharistic celebrations, homilies, sacraments and prayers of no less than 45 years of service to the parish. All of it is a loving expression of his burning love for Christ and the Gospel that he so fervently treasured and expressed through the many years of preaching and witnessing. 

Blessed are those who trust and live in the Lord. I have no doubt that Fr. Jesús Prol was a faithful example of the commitment and witnessing that every single baptized and consecrated person should have for his vocation and call. He was an example of all these to the faithful who frequented our church during all these years of ministry as Pastor at the Santo Cristo Parish and beyond. To say this does not mean to affirm that he was totally free from human imperfections and limitations, because, as Pope Francis has stated: “all men and women are sinners and in need of God’s mercy and forgiveness”. Nevertheless, it is a consoling feeling for me to say that God in his goodness, mercy, and love would not leave Brother Prol’s goodness and service unrewarded and I am personally convinced that he already shares in God’s glory. 

Often times when we came down for our assignments and prayer early in the morning he was already quietly moving around with something in his hands and ready to substitute should need arose while going over the rosary beads, and as we crossed his path he would greet us with his eyes or whispering a soft good morning. 

Countless numbers of times he would go from one place of the church to the other, the entrance, the office, the cemetery, etc. tenderly and lovingly concerned with what was going on. At times we wondered about his style of doing things, the combination of kindness and tension when something was not ready in conformity with the liturgical seasons, schedules and important occasions. Who among us did not hear him saying whenever we could not meet the schedule before we finish talking: “I will take over”. These are a few of the beautiful things you should remember about this man of God and zealous pastor. A Dominican who was so eager to serve God with such passion must be sharing the blessedness of heaven. If only because he has been purified through a long and painful illness and you have so brotherly accompanied him and looked after him! 

Because love generates love there are groups in the parish like the Catholic Women’s League, Legion of Mary, Pastoral Council, Youth and Choir Groups, Couples for Christ, Lay Dominicans, Economic Council, collectors, employees and secretariat staff who can attest to the work and dedication of our beloved Brother Jesús Prol and his active participation and dedication to the cause of the Gospel. All these and many other things, clearly reveal what he deeply lived in his inmost being and the profound faith he was gifted with. 

Was I to share another gift that impressed me in his life I would say that he projected an image of simplicity and humility together with an innate wisdom in his piece of advice. 

May our Brother Jesus rest and enjoy the everlasting embrace of peace. “You who have been a faithful servant enter and share the reward reserved for you by Christ your Redeemer and Savior whom you have served so well”.  

I, together with you will miss a brother, a friend, an adviser, a companion for so many years.

ad5073e9 b85a 4d1f 9cef 7946a5bebb2f Birth house of Father Jesus Prol in Campomanes, Asturias, Spain.

Fr. Bonifacio García Solís, OP.

Prior Provincial

Province of Our Lady of the Rosary