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Education: 60th Anniversary of Rosaryhill School in Hong Kong

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The Rosaryhill School is celebrating its 60 Anniversary. In this great celebration the administrative committee, Principals, Supervisor, faculty, and students will hold a series of activities throughout the academic year.

The Diamond Anniversary will begin its celebrations with an Opening and Thanksgiving Mass presided by his Excellency the Most Reverend Michael Yeung Ming-Cheung, Bishop of Hong Kong, on October 5, 2018.

The Dominican friars of the Province of Our Lady of the Rosary have opened routes of preaching in Hong Kong since 1958. 

We share with you the letter published by the President of the Diamond Anniversary Committee:

(Courtesy of

Dear past and present teachers and students, parents and friends of Rosaryhill School. 

I feel greatly honored, as chairman of the Diamond Celebration, to be in charge of announcing and presenting the DIAMOND JUBILEE of our School to all of you. Every five years we have had this celebration, but reaching the 60th, the Diamond year is something very special. For me, this is going to be the 10th “five years celebration” of our school. When I celebrated the 15th anniversary I could not foresee being part of this DIAMOND JUBILEE celebration. 

And here we are, many thousands of persons who in one way or another call ourselves ROSARIANS. We may join this great occasion to remember with gratitude our past, to strengthen our present, to look confidently to the future. The motto of our celebration is OUR LIGHT OF TRUTH SHINES FOREVER: it should be a sort of self-evaluation of all of us, Rosarians, who have been educated under the logo “VERITAS”, TRUTH, that was embroidered onto your uniform and printed on all your stationery. Our commitment is to make it shine everywhere forever! 

Past students and students, past teachers and teachers, friends of Rosaryhill School: you are welcome to our DIAMOND JUBILEE celebrations. Like most of our anniversaries we will have: 

  • ·Opening Ceremony with Thanksgiving Mass 
  • ·Gala dinner organized by the OSA 
  • ·Walkathon to raise funds for the celebration 
  • ·Joint sports event, of all the sections, PTAs and OSA 
  • ·School Open day 
  • ·Music Gala 
  • ·Academic talks of interest to all opened to learning 
  • ·Publication, to collect memories of our long past 
  • ·Closing ceremony with the celebration of the end of the year for all. 

Soon we will have the calendar of all these events, and then we will provide more detailed information. This is our celebration, the celebration of the many thousands of boys and girls who have spent from one to fifteen or more years in our school. Please come back, do it with your families, with your friends, we will have our doors open to everybody. We want to have a memorable celebration because there are many things we are happy for, there are many hopes we can fulfill together. 

 Fr.Francisco de las Heras Miguel, OP