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Ordination of Diaconate in the Solemnity of All the Saints in Macau

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Our brothers Ignatius Ngo Van Thu Giang, OP and Francis Nge Nge, OP, have been ordained as deacons on November 1st. On the Solemnity of All Saints, His Excellency Monsignor Stephen Lee Bung-sang, Bishop of Macao, spoke to the new ordained about the importance of being constant in prayer. He also spoke to them about being examples for the children of God from the service to the whole Church.

Fr. Bonifacio Solís García, OP., Prior Provincial of the Province of Our Lady of the Rosary, and his socius Fr. Raymond M, OP., Fr. José Luís de Miguel Fernández, OP, Prior of the Convent of Santo Domingo in Macau; Fr. Javier González, OP Master of Students in Macau; and Dominican friars from our communities in Hong Kong, and some diocesan priests were concelebrating.

The Dominican friar students in Macao sang the Mass with the postulants of the Congregation of Dominican Missionary Sisters of the Rosary.

We share with you the words of thanks offered by Bro. Francis Nge Nge, OP:

“Ex abundanria cordis, os loguitor”

From the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.

We, Reverent Ignatius and myself, wish to express our gratefulness.

  • To the almighty God for abundant blessings bestowed upon us all these years of formation. Thank you, your Excellency Most Reverent Stephen Lee, Bishop of Macau, for laying your hands on us as Deacons of the Holy Mother Church.
  • We are grateful to Father Provincial: Bonifacio Solís Garcías, OP., the members of the council the friars of Saint Dominic´Priory of Our Lady of the Rosary Province, who accompanied us through the years of formation. Muchas Gracias!
  • Especial thanks for Father Albert Ho, the liturgies of the Diocese, for insisting us and making sure of the success of the ceremony.
  • We remember today our families back home for generously offering us to the service of God through His Church.
  • In a special way, I remember my father who passed away a week ago before this ordination. May he rest in peace.
  • To all those relatives, friends conferrers who could not be present but promised us with their prayers. We thank them.
  • To all the priests who came to concelebrate and witness this ordination. Thank You!
  • To all of you present here tonight. Thank you and please accompany us with your prayers as we serve the Church as deacons, and later on as priests.
  • From the bottom of our hearts, accept our heartful thanks and gratitude.

We congratulate our brothers and pray for their ministry.