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The Indifference that Involves us

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Every man and woman have the right to enjoy the justice with which God has created everyone to be happy. How do we evangelize? In the midst of the powers of the world, do we propose, claim a hole of freedom to be able to serve the God who created us, as the people of Israel did under the oppression of the Pharaoh of Egypt?

As preachers, the proclamation of the gospel demands more coherence of life and more refinement in our ways of reaching others. Evangelical contents are necessary to preach. It is key to bring out more awareness that we are all missionaries. This is our condition as disciples, apprentices, in people in biblical formation who celebrate in community.

In the East and West, where the epicenter of the province lies, only a just placement of the substantial and saving elements will be true evangelization and will cause faith. In these cases, tranquilizing religiosities are not necessary. It is not about doing things but about the nuance that we bring as Dominicans.

Before a world full of needs, with many objects, but less objective. This new issue of AMANECER continues with the previous issue of this magazine that spoke about young people and the synod of bishops in October. It keeps our eyes on what we can offer young people, what we offer for their lives and formation, what human culture; a preaching on the true means life, it is the vital and existential needs of man are related to the truth. We can propose an evangelical life in the face of the demands of a world driven by human limitations and its offerings that it is unable to save.

How to update the aspect of announcing Jesus to the unbelievers of our founding charism, creatively? What is our practice? What place does this approach of the gospel occupy in our preaching to those who have not heard or know anything about it, to those who are far away or what we want to call them, say they do not believe in God?

And since we are in places where the baptized and those who call themselves believers are so many, is the reason for our attention the need for purification and giving them the food they need to keep growing? Will a maintenance liturgy and exhaustive compliance with norms and laws be enough to be followers of Jesus? He repeatedly criticized his disciples.

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By Pedro Juan Alonso, OP