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Meeting of Major Superiors and Study Regents of Asia Pacific in Surabaya, Indonesia.

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The Provincials and regents of studies of the different provinces of the Asia-Pacific region met in Surabaya, Indonesia from January 13 to 18. This type of meeting is held every year for the Provincials of the region and every two years for the Provincials and Regents of study together. On this occasion, almost all the provinces and vice-provinces of our Order attended the meeting. Fr. Gerard Timomer, OP, Partner of the Master of the Order for Asia Pacific; Fr. Pablo Sicoly, OP., Partner of the MO for Intellectual Life; The Promoter of the Priestly Fraternities, and Fr. Edmund Nantes, OP., In charge of the Common Program of Study of the Region were attending this meeting.

The Brothers of the Province of the Philippines were the organizers. They welcomed us into one of their houses in Indonesia. The mission of the Dominican friars in Indonesia has gradually developed a vocational plan that has yielded good results. Today, there are four Indonesian ordained Dominican friars, 1 deacon, and a large number of student friars, novices and postulants. It is important to highlight that Indonesia has an approximate population of 222 million inhabitants, of which 3% are Catholics (7 million); the rest is the Muslim population.

There is good coexistence between Muslims and the faithful of other religions. Most Catholic churches are located near mosques.

The main theme in this meeting was the creation of a special center for interreligious dialogue in the region, the organization, and improvement of the common study program.

The Common Program of studies was being carried out in the region every year, after a long debate, it was concluded to organize this study every two (2) years. In this period of time, the specialists can develop the proposed topics, and the brothers newly ordained to the priesthood can acquire new knowledge in the most current issues. Especially those topics related to active ministry and priestly life.

In the program developed in this meeting, there was a fraternal space between the Dominican friars and the Dominican family. They celebrated a Eucharist and shared the typical dishes of the region.

By Fr. Mario Jabares, OP