Justice and Peace OP of Venezuela in the Assembly of CODAL and CIDALC

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A meeting of CODAL and Interprovincial Conference of the Dominicans of Latin America and the Caribbean (CIDALC) was held in Argentina on February 2. The Provincials, vicars, Fr. Bruno Cadoré, OP., Master of the Order; Fr. Orlando Rueda, OP., Socius for the apostolic life; Fr. Vivian Boland, OP., Socius for community life; and Fr. Pablo Carlos Sicouly, OP., Socius for the intellectual life. The promoters of Justice and Peace, Mass Media and Priestly Fraternities also participated. Members of our province Fr. Kleyver García, OP., Vicar of the Provincial in Venezuela and Bro. Miguel Espinoza, OP,. Justice and Peace Coordinator OP in Venezuela attended the meeting. Both informed the Master of the Order and the brothers about the situation of the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela.

There are many difficulties that Venezuelan people are living, and it is not easy to make a synthesis of all those elements. Venezuelan Vicar reported: "The process of destruction of the economy is still in leaps and bounds. Having raised the salary of a worker to 300%, with hyperinflation like the one Venezuela is going through, shows us the evil intentions of destroying everything. The salary was stipulated in 19,000 Bolivares soveranos (the "sovereign" is another invention of the many of the Chavista propaganda) which does not reach $ 6 a month. The poverty index increased by leaps and bounds and stood at critical levels of 80% - ENCOVI- (population with less than $ 2.5 a day) and the indicator of social inequality is the highest in Latin America and one of the higher in the world " to which the situations of humanitarian crisis, migratory crisis, the position of the Church and the Order of Preachers would also be added.

Bro. Miguel Espinoza, OP., Informed about the social works that Justice and Peace OP Venezuela carries out in seven houses of help to the neediest distributed throughout the country. These houses are:

"San Martin de Porres Foundation". Mérida. of the Dominican Sisters of Santa Rosa de Lima, Venezuelan Foundation.

This mission is to evangelize people who live in extreme poverty, who are on the streets and require shelter, support, medicine, hygiene, care, and food. Offering them a space of mercy, of welcome, listening, orientation, healing, cleanliness, and feeding, in several cases those who have vices and let themselves be guided are regenerated and integrated into society. At present 95 elderly adults, 12 single mothers with their children, 20 children receive attention.

"House of Mercy". Maracaibo. Of the Dominican Sisters of the Presentation.

It is a non-profit institution, which helps the needy in full, respecting the

dignity of the human being and expressing the love of God through the Works of Mercy.

Currently, this institution provides medical consultations and medicines to people (when there are resources), accompanies the sick and organizes moments of prayer.

"Basting lives with stitches of values" Las Mayas, Caracas. Of the Dominican Sisters of the Holy Family.

The Sisters carry out a clothing making project for low-income people and another project for the training of entrepreneurs in the craft of sewing. The Sisters receive donations of clothing, it is deposited in a wardrobe they own. The clothes are sold at solidarity prices, and with that monetary income, they support other social assistance works. This work is carried out from a Vicarage in a poor sector. There they have also started a social project that aims to provide wheelchairs, crutches, etc.

"San Martín de Porres Social and Pastoral Center." Barquisimeto. Of the Dominican Sisters of the Holy Family.

The programs that make up the center are: CECAL (Educational Training Center) Fe y Alegría, Program of Attention to Youth with Disability, School of Music "Arte y Vida", Child and Youth Pastoral; First communion and confirmation catechesis, Youth group "Antorchas de la Verdad", Pre-juvenile group "Semillas de la Verdad", children's group "Estrellas de la Verdad", CEBS (Basic Ecclesial Communities) and breakfast and snack program. Around 320 people are attended among the different programs.

"Mission house San Martin de Porres" Miranda. Of the Dominican Sisters of Santo Domingo Granada.

The Sisters carry out activities such as "La Olla Solidaria". That is to cook large quantities of food with the help of the collaboration of people. This is a way to help those who suffer from hunger.

"Health Works. Six homes for older adults "Táchira - Mérida - Trujillo- Of the Dominican Sisters of Santa Rosa de Lima, Venezuelan Foundation.

In this institution, older adults are cared for, some of whom have family members, but cannot assist them in their homes. The Sisters provide a residence service. The elderly who do not have relatives depend on this home. There are approximately 38 men, 80 women, and 20 Dominican sisters.

"Father Machado Shelter and Rehabilitation House" El Valle - Caracas. Intercongregational work with the presence of the Dominican Friars.

This is an inter-congregational work, which provides primary care, food, and primary health care to men in street situations, three days a week.

Justicia y Paz OP in Venezuela is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote justice and peace through three processes: communication, formation, and action among the members of the Dominican Family. It also aims to build in each individual person a Christian attitude focus on attention, care, and defense of the dignity of the person. Members of Justice and Peace OP Venezuela are promoters for the values of justice and peace based on faith and experience lived from the personal encounter of Jesus Christ.

These institutions that are part of Justicia y Paz OP Venezuela need the help and collaboration of all. For those who wish to receive more information please communicate through the following means:

Contact Name: Bro. Miguel Espinoza, OP.

Whatsapp: +584126623760

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.