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Madrid: We are happy! We have a new Priest

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On June 1, 2019, at eight in the evening Brother Francis was ordained to the priesthood by his Excellency the Most Reverend Jose Cobo Cano, Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Madrid in our Parish of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary of the Philippines, Madrid. Who invited Brother Francis to consider the dignity of the Order he was about to receive; to devote his life to service and prayer; With ponder upon the significance of the mystery of the Assumption and the transformation that the fullness of the Holy Spirit was to convey through the Sacred Order that he was about to receive; let you be and remain always faithful and grateful trusting in God and his providential call. We need your missionary charism in the local Church of Madrid. Let fear or the lack of evidence on the mystery that unfolds in your presence never scare you. Jesus is always at your side and wishes to be in you and in all those who would listen to your word or benefit from the ministry and sanctification that God is prepared to cause on them through the consecration that you are to receive this evening.

The ceremony was well prepared and arranged under the leadership of Father Carlos Recas, O.,P Parish Priests, Fr. Jose Parra Junquera, OP., Prior and Vicar Provincialin Spain, and the help of the brothers in the community, the lay Dominicans, cathequists and members of different parish organizations and parish council. One of the Misioneras de Santo Domingo of Vietnamese nationality was charged with the singing of the litany of the saints.  

Likewise, Brother Francis was accompanied by Fr. Bonifacio Solis, OP., Provincial of the Province and Fr. Jesus Sariego, OP.,  Prior Provincial of the Hispania Province, and number of Dominicans representing the different communities as well as some of the local clergy as well as Dominican Sisters from different congregations, particularly the Misioneras de Santo Domingo, and a large group of the Lay Dominicans. 

After the ceremony Bro. Francis addressed a word of thanks to all those present in Spanish and we are privilege to be able to attach the text of his word of thanks. 

Finally the document of the Apostolic Blessing of Pope Francis upon him, his family members, the Dominican Family and all those present was read.  

Father Francis Nge Nge speach: 

May the peace of the Lord be with you all!

There is time to be born, to grow and to make decisions in life! Since I was a child I thought that the priesthood was the end of my goal but now I realize that it is the beginning of a long service. Today, having been called by the Lord to the Order, I was ordained as priest. For this, I thank God for the grace of the call to follow Jesus on the path of  Domingo de Guzmán, and I will remember this date as one of the most important days of my life.

The priesthood culminates years of study, prayer, formation and brotherhood demanded by the Church and by our Order before a brother is presented to the Sacred Orders. Dreams and aspirations are transformed today into reality. But I have not finished, I know that following Jesus and assuming the mission of getting His Word to those He sends me is a long walk.

After thanking God and his Mother the Virgin for His generosity with me, I cannot help thanking those who, from my childhood, were by my side helping, supporting, encouraging, correcting and encouraging me in the pilgrimage of life ...

My feelings fly to the home where I was born and, although I am not honoured by the presence of my mother, my brothers and relatives, I am surrounded physically and spiritually by them and by so many brothers in the Province in which I profess that they have witnessed the story from my Yes to Him, with my merits and defects, with my generosity and limitations. The missionary charism tells me to continue assuming the charism of preaching and of service to the local church in which obedience disposes and that I must exercise my ministry in the name of the community, because love and mercy intertwine in life .

I reiterate my gratitude to God, the creator and giver of life; to the Son, our Redeemer; and to the Holy Spirit for the graces and inspirations that they have given me. To Him my gratitude now and forever!

To my parents (even though my father looked at me from heaven) for giving me life and teaching with tenderness what they knew about the faith, and finally for allowing me to freely, voluntarily and without reserve embrace the call of the heavenly Father. To my family, then, my infinite gratitude and filial love.

My gratitude and that of the Province of Our Lady of the Rosary. to His Excellency Mons. José Cobo Cano, Auxiliary Bishop of Madrid, for having deigned to accept the delegation of His Eminence Cardinal Carlos Osoro Sierra, Archbishop of Madrid, and be the Bishop who has conferred upon me the order of the Priestes. Never, Excellency, I will forget your kindness and generosity to accept the invitation with so few days in advance.

I also include in my gratitude all the Major, Regional and Local Superiors of the Province; to the communities in which I have been and am assigned; to professors, spiritual directors and formators since I joined the Order and to the friars of the communities that have been and are by my side, because: "To serve, we Dominicans do not choose".

My thanks go to all who have dedicated time and love to the preparation of the ordination, to decorate the church, to prepare the liturgy, the music and, of course, to all of you who with your presence receive me as I am and pray for me. fidelity until death. May God bless you and your family! And may Our Lady of the Rosary, patroness of the province and of this parish, be at our side and intercede for us.

Santo Domingo, pray for us!

Many thanks to all those present, and, in particular, to the friars of this community and vicariate where I have been received as a brother. Thanks, Thanks a thousand!