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International: 290th General Chapter of the Order of Preachers in Biên Hoà - Vietnam.

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The Order of Preachers celebrates the 290th General Elective Chapter in Biên Hoà from June 7 to August 4. Representatives of all Provinces and Vice Provinces of the world attend this Chapter with the purpose of revising the laws of the Order of Preachers and defining the necessary guidelines to strengthen Dominican religious life. This will be the first General Chapter of the Order to be held in Vietnam.

This is the 290th chapter since its foundation, this year is an elective chapter and it is attended by the previous masters of the Order, provincial priors, definitor of the general chapter of each one of the provinces, vice-provincial priors, general vicars, representatives of each of the provinces, vicariates and houses under the jurisdiction of the Master of the Order.

The Province of Our Lady of the Rosary is represented by Fr. Bonifació Solís García, OP, Prior Provincial, by his own right; Fr. Javier González Izquierdo, OP., ex provincial; Fr. Felicísimo Martínez Diéz, OP., Fr. Raymond Mi, OP., Fr. José Ángel Legido López, OP., Elected as delegates of the province by all the brothers. And Fr. Mario Jabares, OP., collaborator of the chapter as official translator.

In the first week, the capitulars will have the task of electing the next Master of the Order who will have the task of governing for nine (9) years and follow the legacy of Saint Dominic de Guzmán, father of preachers.

Fr. Bruno Cadorè, OP has taken this responsibility to be Master of the Order since 2010 when he was elected in Rome. We appreciate his tenacity, dedication, service, closeness, guidance and fraternity in all these years.

You can visit or to see more information about the General Chapter.