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General Chapter: Solemn Mass in the Catedral of Xuân Lôc

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On Saturday afternoon after the general session we went to the Cathedral for the Mass with Bishop Joseph and his auxiliary Bishop John Đinh Đức Đạo . When everything was ready for the procession and it began moving we were without choice but to enter through the side door into the cathedral to escape from the rain, but even then, we were somewhat drenched, particularly those who did not manage to enter soon. 

The celebration of the Eucharist was very solemn and well arranged. 

We were greeted with kind words by Bishop John and the main con-celebrants were the Auxiliary Bishop John, the Master of the Order Gerard, the ex-master Bruno and the Provincial of the Province in Vietnam Bro. Joseph. The homily was delivered by the Master of the Order. After the mass we were invited for supper by His Excellency Bishop Joseph to the dining-room of the seminary. It was a very good dinner in a fraternal and brotherly environment. 

On Sunday we were given different choices and the members of the province decided to go to the Provincial House. We visited both adjacent houses and the part of the residence rented to the Australian International School. We were given a tour through the facilities and a title present of a holy picture made up of grains or rise. Unfortunately, the head of the school was disappointed when he was told that we were short of time and he had to cut his presentation of the school and their four other branches of the school in Ho Chi Ming City.

After the tour of the house to the Provincial Curia we proceed to the house of the Sister of the Annunciata where we had lunch and a fraternal exchange and at the end few commemorative pictures of our visit were taken. 

From there we went to a house for the elderly run by the Lay Dominicans and a place for mass of a large crowd of immigrant from the north in a slam barrio, all were arriving in motorcycles for the mass. Around 3,000 people were attending mass in the evening.


Fr. Bonifacio García, OP