New Prior of St. Dominic’s Priory in Macau.

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We have the pleasure to inform you that Fr Paul Fan is the newly elected Prior of St Dominic’s Priory, in Macau. He signed the document of the acceptance of his office on Sunday, November 17, 2019. On the following day, Monday 18, in the presence of the community, he took his office as Prior. It was during the Evening Prayers, in a very simple ceremony: After pronouncing his Profession of Faith and the Oath of Fidelity prescribed for these occasions, he addressed the community quoting from the Book of Constitutions, (no. 299) the lapidary statement in St Augustin’s Rule: A Prior should regard himself to be fortunate as one who serves you in love, not as one who exercises authority over you.” He adopted these words as his personal program for the duration of his term, thanked the community for its trust in him and requested the brothers to pray for him. Our warmest congratulations to Fr Paul and the assurance of our prayers for him.

By Fr. Javier González, OP