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Letter Of The Prior Provincial about The Novel Coronavirus

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Dear Brothers, 


Since we continue receiving not so good and encouraging news on the Novel Coronavirus, I would like to inform the members of the Province that, so far, we have not had any case in our communities, nevertheless, it is already well known that there are 18 confirmed cases in Hong Kong and 10 in Macau. Likewise, a number of confirmed cases have already reached several countries, including Spain, USA. For that reason, some airlines have canceled a number of flights from different countries to the most affected areas. We are encouraged by civil authorities to take all the necessary measures to avoid crowded areas, to refrain from going out, unless it is necessary, to use the mask and to follow the protocol of hygiene and prevention of the sickness. 


As we adhere to the local governments' guidelines, we join our brothers in prayer for the recovery of those infected and for the safety of all, particularly in the most affected areas.

May the protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the intercession of our martyrs, protect us and obtain from God the end of the threat of this sickness. 


Fraternally yours in St. Dominic, 



Fr. Bonifacio Garcia Solis, OP

Prior Provincial