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Avila: Rest in Peace Fr. Marcos Ramón Ruíz Arbeloa, OP.

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Fray Marcos Ramón Ruíz Arbeloa, OP., Was born in Lerín Navarra, Spain on December 16, 1941. He did his elementary studies in La Mejorada, Olmedo


He entered the Order of Preachers in the Province of Our Lady of the Rosary and made his novitiate year at the Convent “Santo Domingo” in Ocaña, Toledo Spain in 1957. At the end of his novitiate year, he made profession religious on August 5, 1958.


Fray Marcos began his institutional studies in Philosophy at the Convent “San Pedro Mártir”, Madrid and culminates in the Convent of Dominican Father in Toulouse, France. Afterwards, he initiated studies in Theology in Ireland and culminated in the Royal Convent of Santo Tomás in Ávila. He was ordained a priest in that same city on July 19, 1965.


After the conclusion of institutional studies, Fr. Marcos Ruíz began complementary studies in Ávila studying a Bachelor of Theology, and a Diploma in Liturgy and Catechetic at the León XIII Institute, Madrid. He also did a Bachelor of Philosophy and Letters at the Complutense University, Madrid.


Fr. Ruíz worked at the Parish “Jesús Obrero” in Simancas, Madrid. He was Prior of the same house. And Master of Pre-novices and Students, afterwards he is elected as Parish Vicar of the Parish “Jesús Obrero” and then he becomes Parish Priest of the same church. He was a professor of Pastoral Theology at San Pedro Mártir in Madrid. Fr. Marcos preached in different spiritual retreats, courses of Ongoing Formation, and courses of Pastoral at the Instituto San Pio X and the Schools of Vicariate. He was elected as Director and professor of the School of Evangelization of the Vicaría II of the Diocese of Madrid.


Fray Marcos Ramón Ruíz Arbeloa, OP., dies from COVID-19 in Villaba, Spain on November 20, 2020. In other to respect the Sanitary regulations his dead body should be cremated. Following his wishes, his ashes will be buried in the cemetery of the Dominican friars in Ávila and the funeral, with their families, will be held when circumstances allow.


We ask the entire Dominican family to pray for the eternal rest of Fray Marcos Ramón Ruíz Arbeloa, OP., and for the Lord to restore the afflicted hearts of his relatives and brothers in the community.


Rest in Peace dear Father.