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Madrid: Opening Of The Centenary Of Saint´S Dominic Transit To Heaven

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The celebration of the opening of the jubilee year 2021 in commemoration of the centenary of the passing of Our Father Santo Domingo de Guzman was held at the parish and convent of the Holy Rosary, Peñalver, Madrid. I took place during the Parish Eucharist at noon and observing the distance prescribed among the participants and other restrictions established by the protocol of the Madrid community.

In the Concelebrated Eucharist participated the friars and was presided over by the Prior Provincial, the Vicar Provincial, and the Prior of the convent. The Liturgy was directed by Fray Serafin Monasterio, the liturgist, and Fray Carlos Recas, pastor of this parish. Everything was well arranged and solemn but in strict observance of the demands established by the government.

In the introduction to the Eucharist, Fray Carlos Recas insisted on the importance and meaning of the celebration of the centenary and the spirit leading us to share this celebration with the Dominican Family and the faithful who frequent the parish. Likewise, he invited everyone to pray in a special way for the Order, its members, and its apostolate.

In the homily, the Prior Provincial shared some parallelisms between the Epiphany and the jubilee year: gold as king of our souls (in imitation of Our Father who consecrated his whole life to the preaching of the gospel), myrrh as a Man (Dominican compassion, that excellent virtue of our founder) and incense as God (as the prayer of our Father who, at all times, spoke with God or about God). Finally, he invited the Brothers and the Dominican Family to rediscover the challenges of rediscovering the charism of Our Father in the historical moment in which we have to live, through a witnessing example of the Word we preach based on the study, prayer, and community and counting on the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and all the saints of the Order.

At the end of the celebration, the congregation recited the prayer that the Master of the Order sent in communion with the entire Dominican Family and concluded with the singing of the responsorial hymn to Our Father Saint Dominic.

At the end of the liturgy, some of the faithful shared with the religious of the community the joy of the jubilee year and were interested in some information about the Order, its charism, and its mission. As a gift, the jubilee stamp was distributed.


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