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East Timor: At least 21 dead in floods and landslides.

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East Timor has been in the last few days been badly hit by floods and landslides. As a result of this natural disaster, some people have died and many others have lost their loved ones and properties. At least 21 people have so far been confirmed dead, mainly in the capital city Dili and in the nearby Hera. However, by this time the number of victims may have increased.

According to the news that I got from my family, the last Sunday evening, there were heavy rains and strong winds all over the country. Coincidently, Dili was under an extended lockdown due to a spike of the COVID-19 pandemic; however, that strategy collapsed as people took refuge with friends and family members. Thousands of citizens have also moved into temporary public shelters. Even our religious house in Hera has become a refuge for some families that have lost everything. For the rest, everyone is involved in sweeping the mud out of their houses, while desperately trying to recover from the situation. Let us pray for the victims.

Br. Francisco Sufa, OP.


Photos: Machel Silveira - Lens (Facebook)