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Rome: Demise of Fr. Miguel Ángel Sanromán Pérez, OP.

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Miguel Ángel Sanromán Pérez was born in Ávila (Spain) on May 13, 1944. He began his elementary studies 1⁰ and 2⁰ years at the Colegio de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción, Ávila, later he joined the apostolic school of the Colegio de Nuestra Señora del Rosario, Arcas Reales, Valladolid, Spain, where he completed primary education. 

In 1959 was clothed with the Dominican habit, completed the Novitiate, and made a simple profession at the Priory of Santo Domingo, Ocaña, Toledo. Having made his profession, he began ecclesiastical studies of Philosophy and obtained a licentiate after four years at the San Pedro Martyr’s Institute, Madrid, in 1964. Later, he began Theology at the Santo Tomas´ Institute, Ávila (1964-68), where he was ordained a priest on 07-07-1968. The next school year he moved to San Pedro Martyr´s Institute in Madrid. There he graduated with the Licentiate in 1969.

Fray Miguel Ángel Sanromán Pérez, OP., was assiduous in the study and gifted with a strong passion for the mission, therefore, he studied Chinese Philosophy in the Postgraduate Department of the National Taiwan University and obtained a Doctorate in Missiology at the Pontifical Gregorian University of Rome.

Sanromán, as his brothers knew him, had an eloquent and fraternal character. These characteristic of his personality accompanied him both, in the ministry and in the performance of the ministries and responsibilities assigned to him by religious obedience. He was elected Superior of the House of Taipei, Councilor of the Vicariate, and Provincial Vicar in Taiwan. He was a pro-parish priest in Kapian Parish (Taiwan) among the natives; Superior of the House of Santo Domingo in Kaohsiung and in charge of the Parish of Laiyi in the mountains of Pingtung. A few years later, Fray Miguel Ángel was appointed Superior of the House of Pingtung and Provincial Councilor.

In the chapter of 1989 Fr. Miguel Ángel Sanromán was appointed Socious of the Prior Provincial in Hong Kong. The Master of the Order Fr. Timothy Radcliffe, OP., included him as one of the members of the Team for the Apostolate of the Order in China and appointed for two terms as Superior of the Luo Wenzao Community for the Project of the Order in China.

Reassigned to the Province and after a brief stay in Taiwan, he was entrusted the duty of writing the history of the Province’s mission in Taiwan. Concomitantly, after his assignation to the Holy Trinity community in Rome, he worked in the Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith from 2010-2017.

Among the published works of Fr. Miguel Sanromán, OP., we mention:

+ The Dominican Missionaries in China: A Historical Account (2004)

+ Presence of the Boxer Rebellion in the Dominican Missions in Fujian. Conference presented at the symposium organized by the Archivum Historicum of the Church in Taiwan, Taipei, Taiwan (2004)

+ Juan Feng Wenzi, Fuanese. Out-and-out missionary in difficult times. (2004).

+ The Dominican Presence in Fujian Province (2003).

+ Formosa, Campo de Dios. Historia de la Iglesia Católica en Taiwan (1859-1950). Ed. San     Esteban, 2019.

Fr. Miguel Ángel Sanromán Pérez, OP., joined the Lord on May 7, 2021, in Rome, Italy, at the age of 77 and entered the Father's house with great peace and tranquility, after a month of treatment at the hospital.

The Province of Our Lady of the Rosary is saddened by the death of a brother who was still working and dedicated to important historical research while accompanying the community of assignment in the community apostolate. May the Lord share with him the glory of the resurrection and grant his family, friends, and Dominican friars the consolation of Christian hope.

The Funeral Mass will be on May, the 11th, at 14:30 (Rome).