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South Korea: One Solemn Profession and two renewal of vows.

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On June 21, 2021, the community of the House of Saint Dominic in Seoul, South Korea celebrated three religious professions. Fray Luke Jeon Seok Hoon made solemn profession and  seals a pact of surrender his life to the Lord pronouncing the worths "until death”. Luke donated his life to the service of the preaching of Truth. Also, Fray Mannes John Kim Su-Myeong, OP., and Fray Mark Noh Seung Joo, OP, renewed their vows.

Friar Luke is an affable man and always ready to help his brothers. His virtues and talents are many, but above them his service, brotherhood, and passion for study for study are appreciate by his brothers. The Order of Preachers and the entire Province of Our Lady of the Rosary celebrate with joy Luke`s commitment and for the offering that his father and mother have given to the Lord. We also rejoice for the renewal of vows of our brothers Mannes and Mark. We pray for each of one of them and ask God to bring into completion what He has begun.