He was born in 1170 in Caleruega, Burgos (Spain). His parents were Felix de Guzman and Juana de Aza. At the age of 6 years Domingo has his first contact with the clerical life receiving instructions from his uncle the archpriest in Gumiel de Izán. At the age of 24, Domingo began his studies of theology in Palencia and develops as a teacher. At 31 years old, he is a canon of the cathedral of Osma.

With 44 years of age, he travels to “Las Marcas” to arrange the wedding of Prince Fernando in the company of Bishop Diego Acebes. On this trip, Domingo has a first contact with the heretical movements in the South of France. A year later, He preached against the heresy in Languedoc, Montreal, Fanjeaux, among others.

In 1206, he makes his first foundation, the Dominican nuns in Prouille. 8 years later, he founded the first house of the Order of Preachers in Tolosa. That same year, Saint Dominic travels to Rome to attend the Council IV of Letrán. He is accompaning Bishop Fulco de Tolosa.

At this moment Dominic already had the desire to found the Order therefore he presents his project of foundation and requests the approval of Pope Innocent III. In 1216 the church of San Román served as the first headquarter of our Order. In this convent, Dominic followed the mandate of the Pope to adhere to an approved rule and he chose the rule of St. Augustine.

The Order of Preachers is confirmed on December 22, 1216 by Pope Honorius III. He refers to the sons of Dominic as "athletes of the faith and true lights of the world". On August 15, 1217, Dominic sent his friars around the world to preach and found convents. They are established in the following years in cities such as Toulouse, Paris, Rome, Bologna, among others. The first General Chapter is celebrated in Bologna.

Dominic dies on August 6, 1221 in San Nicolás, Bologna. He promises his friars to be present among them and to intercede for them from heaven. His remains were transferred to Bologna on May 24, 1233. On July 3, 1234 he was canonized by Pope Gregory IX.

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