The Provincial Chapter of 1931 decided that the General Study of Rosaryhill, in the USA, be moved to another place, opting for Hong Kong, where the Convent of Studies of the Province was formally constituted on September 1, 1935, as well as the house of Novitiate; being on October 11, 1936 when the first group of clergy and lay people is accepted to receive the Dominican habit. On September 15, 1951 it is approved as a General Study by the Master of the Order.

Due to the political situation affecting Hong Kong, on May 26, 1958 the Novitiate was abolished, and a year later the General Survey was abolished; Thus, the convent was reduced to home in 1959, opening the same year the College of Rosaryhill.

After the General Chapter of River Forest, and in accordance with the new constitutions, the formal house of St. Albert the Great, Rosaryhill, is reinstated as a convent by the Provincial Decree of January 6, 1969.